Blackheath Lawn Tennis Club


At Blackheath LTC we have 11 tennis courts – 4 porous acrylic, 4 artificial clay and 3 grass courts. All of our hard courts have floodlights.

During the daytime, no booking system is in operation for any of the courts. Members can use the courts at any time but must be aware that club matches, coaching and club play sessions take precedence at certain times. From Mid-September, a booking system operates for the hard courts. (see floodlight booking)

The courtside facility provides both mens and ladies changing and shower facilities. Within the courtside facility, there is a kitchen for members use and the coaching office.

Floodlight Booking System

This operates throughout the Winter months and ceases at the end of April.

This system operates on a rolling fortnightly basis and there is one sheet with each court numbered and the times that bookings can be made. Every effort is made to get this sheet up on a Sunday for the week after next. Only one session a night can be booked but members can book for as many nights in a week as they wish. The normal booking times are:

Some revision of timings is being looked at and any changes will be posted on the website.

Floodlight tokens (£1.20 for 20 minutes) can be purchased from behind the main club bar along with key fobs (£5) to open the courtside pavilion.

White Board Waiting System

During daylight hours and in particular use at weekends, is the White Board which is situated on the left as you enter the courtside pavilion . At busy times it is important that you sign up on this board – all players must be named, along with the time you started playing. If courts become busy, this system enables players waiting to see who is due to come off first and the time a court will become free. If there are players waiting the playing time is one hour per court.

In the winter matches are played on courts 3 & 4 with a normal start time of either 10.30 am or 13.30 pm. Matches take priority on these courts and are usually taking place on both Saturday and Sundays.